Thursday, July 9, 2009


It has been quite the past few weeks for me and Kyle.  I have been super tired all of the time and I wasn't feeling good.  One night while both me and Kyle were getting ready to work a grave shift, I thought, what harm would it be if I just tested to make sure I wasn't pregnant, just to ease our minds.  Well sure enough that damn test came out positive.  I became instantly freaked out and Kyle was instantly excited!  Then I got the best idea ever... test more, incase the first one was wrong... considering that all 5 stated that we were infact pregnant, we stopped testing and set up an appointment with the dr.  We saw the dr on Monday July 6 and I am infact 7 weeks pregnant.  How did this even happen to me?  I spent the past 11 years of my life purposely harming my body, and having dr's tell me I will never be able to have kids and i'll be lucky if I'm alive in a few short years, and here I am and pregnant.  Doesn't really reassure my faith in the practice of medicine or the competence of a few of the dr's I have seen in the past.  I am sure they were jst trying to scare me!  Those bastards!  I was completely wreckless and not the least bit careful about getting pregnant because I believed them... my bad!  The thing I'm the most afraid of is that because I am so hooked on my weight and staying the same size, and I know every trick in the book to make sure I stay the size I am comfortable with, that I will resort back to those habits when the weight starts coming on.  So far, I have been really good, but throwing up has been "involuntary" for the past few weeks.  I don't even have to try or want to... yeah it sucks being queezy all the time though!  But we are officially pregnant.  Our dr let us hear "little baby's" heart beat, which was really cool.  There is only one in there.... thank goodness... considering both Kyle and my mom are twins!  But we are only having one.  We have picked out boy names we like and girl names that we like.  We are excited now.  We have already purchased the crib (we got an AWESOME deal on the crib) and I absolutely fell in love with a diaper bag yesterday, so Kyle let me get it!  It is so adorable!  That is our big news of the past few weeks.  Our families are super excited, I think!  
I quit one of my jobs... Kyle said we didn't need the extra money and it was making me so mean.  I wasn't sleeping enough, and being pregnant makes me so tired as it is.  I am still working at Horizon House, which is a drug rehab house, and I love that job.  It is really chill which makes it easy for me!  I don't work 40 hours a week, but I usually get pretty close, and kyle is working 40 hours, so we are doing just fine.
  We went out to Panaca the other day, just to get away.  It was so relaxing.  Just me and kyle and we had such a good time!  We just laid around all day in our pajamas!  Couldn't ask for anything better!  We wanted to go up to the cabin, but the roads are bumpy and twisty and I get really bad motion sickness right now and we didn't want to risk it!  So we decided Pananca would be a fun alternative.
Yesterday, Kyle and I went down to St George to do a little shopping.  I have been eating more than normal, I'm hungry all of the time and I have put on a few pounds and it has been bothering me.  So Kyle let me do some shopping.  It was such a fun day.  We did a lot of shopping, got a lot of good stuff and we used some gift cards we had from our wedding to Red Lobster!  I LOVE Red Lobster... they have the best shrimp!  And we treated ourselves to dessert as well.  I will totally recommend their cheesecake to anyone who enjoys cheesecake!  It was absolutely delicious!  Kyle is still talking about it!  After dinner, we went over to see Jill.  Everytime we go down to St George, we see Robbie, but Jill is never home.  It was a lot of fun to see her.  I think we sat around and talked for about 2 1/2 hours... it was a good time.  
We don't have a lot of pictures from lately... I feel like I have ballooned and refuse to really take any... but we have a few, so I will post them :)


  1. Congrats on being pregnant! I'm pregnant too! We're expecting baby in Jan. When is yours due?

  2. Not till February... But I won't finish school till May, so I'm ok with February... I'm excited for you! It's a fun time!

  3. Hey shan! Cute blog! Congrats on the baby! You're gonna be a cute mom!