Saturday, April 24, 2010

While we were down in Mexico back in March, Brigett took some family pictures and some pictures of Jaxton. I have been so busy with school and Kyle has been busy with work, we just got them. I love looking back at my little man and seeing how much he has changed!

On a completely different note, I take my finals next week and then I am done with college (for now). I cannot believe it is finally here! What an amazing feeling! Kyle is finishing up his EMT-I class (which will finish in May) and then hopefully we can move away from Cedar City. I love that Kyle is taking this class, but the class is literally every Friday night from 6-10 and every Saturday from 8 in the morning until usually 6 at night! Makes for a long and lonely weekend!!! However, I have been working on Jaxton's scrapbook and I love getting to show Kyle everything I have done when he gets home! All of this is for our future, so I just need to quit whining about it!

And on a completely different side note, Alan and Sheena found out they are having another BOY! If it wasn't for Ella and Cortney, Jaxton wouldn't even know what a girl cousin is! Our families are definitely blessed to have so many boys but I think someone needs to have a girl!!! With our record, it seems doubtful that it will be a LaPratt! Congratulations Alan and Sheena, we can't wait for his arrival!!


  1. It's up to us to keep the LaPratt name going! so keep the boys coming! However, with every boy that we have, Jay's chances of having one get slimmer...He will probably have the first girl. haha

  2. There is totally a reason you guys are having so many boys... we must have some family up there who are just waiting around for their geneology to be completed! But think of all the blessings you guys will recieve with 3 boys continuously on missions!!!!!