Saturday, April 3, 2010


Kyle and I celebrated our first anniversary on March 28, 2010. Actually, that is not a true statement. We haven't celebrated at all yet! The sunday before our anniversary was the first Sunday we took Jaxton to church. As we were sitting there, I kept getting really cold and chills all over my body so we went home after sacrament meeting. By the time we got home I had a full blown fever. Suck!! I called my mom to see when her spring break was so she could come up and help me. Unfortunately I was a week off but Sheena (my brother's wife) offered to come up. I thought my fever would break within a few days so she could help me while I got completely caught up with school. She came up with her 2 boys and it was such a help! I was sick the whole week! We finally went to the dr (he actually left procedures at the hospital to come over to the office to do a quick exam) and he treated me for an infection (which is what was causing the fevers). Then on the weekend, my parents came up to Cedar and my dad drove Alan and Sheena up to Ikea. My mom ended up staying with us until Thursday and she even offered to stay later. It was such a great help! And I loved having her here. She is an amazing grandma and a great mom! So thanks to Sheena and mom for all of the help! I will be graduating in May... I promise! I refuse to be one of those girls who gets married and drops out of college. I have too much potential for that!

Conley kissing Jaxton
Conley loved helping with Jaxton. It was really sweet!

So I have no pictures from any birthday celebration because I was in bed sick with a fever and an infection (Happy Anniversary Kyle, I have an infection) and we had house guests. While I spent to much time in bed I did a lot of thinking about the past year. I absolutely HATED our wedding. Too many people trying to make the day about them, not about me and kyle. But this first year of marriage has been really hard but totally worth it. I thought I would mention some of the highlights...

Getting married

Wedding night ;)

Moving in together

Selling Kyle's truck

Buying our car

Finding out we were accidentally pregnant

Finding out it was a boy

Our first christmas being married

Having Jaxton

Lots of other stuff has happened, but it is late and I am TOO tired to be thinking! But Happy 1st Anniversary Kyle... I love you forever and ever and always!

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  1. Finally an update!! Sorry for being all up in your business on you anniversary!!! We love you.