Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crazy Hair

I actually have a lot to update in just the past couple weeks, but for now I just want to share this picture of my sweet little boy. No matter what I do with his hair, it usually ends up looking like this...

Jaxton will be thanking his dad for the lovely cowlick in the back of his hair causing such a fabulous 'do! I guess I should be grateful that he has hair, and I am, but I refuse to cut his hair yet and unfortunately by the end of the day, it always looks like this!

EXCEPT for the days that I don't bother to comb it at all... then the top curls and the bottom stays straight! Sorry for the bad luck kid!


  1. Eh, I love crazy baby hair. That's the reason Parker's is always out of control. Both Alan and I agree that it is super cute. Cutting it when they're that small makes them look too grown up, which takes all the fun out of having a baby.

  2. I know one baby and they keep his hair in a mowhawk. It actually looks cute on the baby. I'm sure its to cover up crazy hair that all the babies seem to have.