Monday, June 7, 2010

Jay's Homecoming

We traveled down to Las Vegas for my little brother's homecoming talk in church. It was a fun weeked with family and friends. I am glad we were there to be able to support my little brother, especially considering how supportive of our family he has been. He gave an amazing talk and truly invited the Spirit into the meeting.
Kyle's best friend was in town for a few weeks so we got to go to dinner with him and his wife and their cute little boy! It was a lot of fun! Great food and even better company!
The Kyle's and their boys Our little family at dinner.

After church, the kids wanted to play outside and it was a nice day, so what better way to play than in the water! We attempted to play with Jaxton... he didn't mind so much as long as someone was holding him! When Jaxton started crying, cousin Ethan came over to check on him! It was so sweet!We thought it was so funny to play jokes on the kids. This is my brother's son, Conley. We would tell him the water broke and he had to shake it to fix it. He would start to shake the hose and we would turn it back on. That joke just didn't get old!
What a great weekend we had! And it is great to have Jay home!

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