Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just lost...

So I never blog this much... but I have more free time on my hands now and I'm bored.  Our dr appointment got moved to Monday, so there will be no info about that until then.  I have been thinking a lot lately... lots of free time equals lots of thinking...
1.  I graduate in May, it's still a long ways away, but I'm on my final haul, and I'm excited about that.  I am excited to go out into the world with a degree in something that is actually interesting and that I can use to help people, which is ultimately what I want to do.
2.  Kyle and I have been researching law schools a lot lately!  Unfortunately not too many of them are near home.  UNLV would be a great choice for me... it is close to home and has an amazing reputation.  However, is it where I want to be forever?  I lived in Vegas my whole life and never actually did any personal growning until I left.  It would be great to be around our families, especially with the crazy schedule and mass amounts of studying I will be required to do, but is it worth going home and risking never leaving Vegas again?  I guess we will just see when I start applying.  I'm really interested in a few schools, no where near Vegas, but who knows.  I am not super involved in "extra curricular" activities in school.  Nothing really grabs my attention, and unfortunately I like to work, so that will definitely hurt me.
3.  With school ending and deciding whether or not I want to pursue my education further into law school, and a few other things that were going on... I sorta put the whole "baby" thing on hold.  Yeah, we're pregnant, but I refused to let myself get excited.  It was so overwhelming and I was super stressed.  I finally decided that it is ok for me to be excited, and I am.  I am really excited!  I can't wait for little baby to come!  

This is not a super exciting thing to blog about, but I'm in a mood today.  It's not a good mood and it's not a bad mood... it's just a mood.  I really need to get out of it!!


  1. The Blood's are totally excited that you guys are expecting...!

  2. Shannon! Your blog is so cute! That's so good to hear that you're getting excited for your baby! I'm totally excited for you! When do you find out?

  3. How many times have you taken the LSAT? I take it for the first time this semester.. You better not pick any Law schools that I want to attend, because I'd beat you up on campus.. I'm a campus bully you know....

  4. I'm probably not taking it this year... not with the baby coming. I think I'll wait a year, but who knows. I have had my law schools picked out for quite some time and we'll just hope we're not even in the same state... I have tolerance in classes with people who talk just to hear their own voice.

  5. First, I think you meant that you have NO tolerance... Secondly, I'm the smartest person you know. But most people take the LSAT 2 or 3 times before they graduate, so I am going to take it once this year, and twice next year I believe. I don't have any law schools picked out, since I don't know what my LSAT score is going to be. I am going to apply to as many great schools as I can and go with the most prestigious one.. haha

  6. No, I definitely don't think you are the smartest person I know. One of the most arrogant and shallow, probably, but not the smartest. You should probably actually do some research on law schools, you apparently have done nothing of the such, which validates my opinion of you NOT being the smartest person I know. There is actually more to a school than just its prestige, which you would know if you looked up anything at all. And I don't think everyone takes it multiple times... don't bomb it the first time... one would think that would be the essential goal, but I guess when you have infinite amounts of money to waste, who cares how many times it takes, right?