Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update... but no pictures...

Kyle is supposed to get on here... but he is SO busy. I actually feel really bad for him at times. He is working 2 jobs (which I will never complain about, because it is really helping us out) and he has his EMT class which takes up a huge amount of time. He gets really awesome grades in that class, proves what a smarty pants I married! I love how dedicated he is to our family.
BUT some new stuff has been going on, so I'm not waiting for him, he will get around to it when he can :) Kyle's brother and his wife had a little boy yesterday... we now have two nephews named Parker. It apparently is a popular name this year! I don't even know if Kyle has gone to meet him yet... I haven't done anything but school work today. And I spend so little time with Kyle now (due to work and school) I haven't talked to him yet. We only have time to talk about the basics and that is all! It's only one semester though, we will get through. Congrats to Jimmy and Brigett and little Cortney.
We saw our dr last week and he is super excited for us. Our baby is doing really well. I had an emotional breakdown the day before the appointment. I haven't been sick in a little over 2 weeks, I throw up on a random ocassion, but nothing like before (thank goodness) and I haven't gained any weight this month. I was thoroughly convinced that we had lost the baby. My eating habits have been really good lately, but I just had a really bad feeling. Kyle came home from class to me in tears because I was so depressed. He just picked me up and let me cry in his arms for about 30 minutes and then he gave me a blessing. What an amazing husband I have! I am so grateful for the power that he holds. I felt calm and we got to listen to the heartbeat the next day. The dr said it is perfect. Nothing to be worried about. We set a date for the ultra sound and will be finding out the sex on September 30. I can't believe it is coming up so soon. When we first found out we were pregnant, Kyle only wanted a boy and now he is leaning for a girl... such a flip flopper if you ask me! We just want a healthy baby. And Kyle's sister is also pregnant. We found out a few weeks ago... she is due at the end of March! Exciting! Congrats to Jill and Rob!
I met with my academic advisor today. She informed me that I am perfectly on track to graduate in May (finally) and... I am on the dean's list. It's really not that big of a deal, but I was so excited! All my hard work is finally paying off! Kyle and I can't wait for me to graduate so we can move! We want to move out of Cedar... fast! Big city... here we come... in 8 months!!!
And our camera broke! I'm not sure what even happened! That piece of junk! It was actually a really nice camera and I took decent care of it. I think I left it out in the car a few too many times and it did get bounced around alot... why are they not more durable. I can't post any new pictures until we get a new one... but we will be getting a new one soon. We have to! With the baby coming and all!
My mom and dad took Kyle and me up to Salt Lake for a day last weekend. Mom and I went to a scrapbooking convention (which was a blast) and kyle and my dad went and looked at 4 wheelers and motorcycles. Kyle was eyeballing some of the motorcycles, which I am perfectly ok with once we get enough money. I love street bikes! Anyways, my mom and I were keeping a look out for cute baby things at this convention. And we found some! Unfortunately, we don't know the sex of the baby yet, so I was hesitant to buy anything... but my mom is so cute... her response "Buy one of each" so we did :) It was a great day with my parents.
I think that is all for now... I can't remember anything else. I will post some pictures once I get a working camera!

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