Monday, September 21, 2009

Why I love Jay so much...

Jay has to have surgery... and this was the email Kyle and I got from him today. If you don't know him, this email makes it pretty apparent why I love him so much and why his spirit and energy is basically contagious. I'm not turning my blog into "What is Elder LaPratt doing on his mission" but this was so touching for me... happy reading!
Hey Sis,So I get to have surgery on Monday, its gonna be at like 6:30 in the morning. The doctor says I need to take it way easy for a week. And then I cant lift anything over 20 pounds for 4 weeks. So basically I get to chill on members couches for like a week it will way crazy and way boring but he sad he can only go in once to do the orthoscopic way after that he will have to cut me open clean, so Im gonna do everything he says. The surgery sounds pretty intense, and Im not allowed to be awake for it, dang. But hes doing it for free and my stake president owns a surgery center, so I think the church, just has to pay for the anesthesiologist. (SP) major. But yeah Im pretty nervous I dont like going under but just in case I go under and never wake back up I want you to know two things, one I love you guys hardcore and Ill see you in the spirit world. I like to think about Dane Cooks joke, where hes like your family will be up there and will be like "Youre dead sucker, nah float over here and give me a hug." And 2nd, I want me tombston to say "As youre walking away, your foot steps get louder." so yeah in the slight case I do die, dont let mom and dad write anything gay on my stone, like beloved son, or he went too early. I was thinking "I wanted to know why life was so hard...So I decided to go ask God." I thought that would be a way good one. But thats not gonna happen...But just in case. Well thats about all I got I probably wont write next week cause Ill be stoned out of my mind but we will just see I guess.

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