Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How is all began... by Shannon

I have been sitting at work all night and I realized it is already September! Holy Crap! Kyle and I met almost a year ago... and what an amazing year! So I was thinking about that and about the first time we met and I thought "No one even knows how we met... I think I'll write it down so when my kiddies read this after they put me in a home for the mentally insane... they will know at least once in my life that I was normal" :) So here it goes...
I was starting my junior year at SUU... living in small town Cedar City (or Cedar Shitty as I call it) and I moved into an apartment where I didn't know any of my roommates and there is always that awkward week, you know... when no one wants to come out of their room for fear of small talk? So anyways... I had been dating a guy down in Vegas all summer who was also attending SUU. He was about 7 years older than me (this whole story is actually rather interesting... maybe I'll blog about that one day) So anyways, we were still dating when school started but I always knew there was something about him that was off. Anyways, I had a friend who lived in St George, his name was Mike. I always considered Mike a friend, I don't know if he ever expected more or not, and it's irrelevant, but he invited me to go 4 wheeling with his family over albor day weekend. This "boyfriend" of mine had left for the weekend and it's not like I was out there socializing with my roommates so I went. It was actually a lot of fun. I met most of his family (which becomes interesting later) and had a good time.
So the next week, I probably hung out with "boyfriend" maybe once and Mike called me on Saturday and asked what I was doing. I wasn't doing anything, it was Saturday and I was not interested in doing homework on a Saturday night unless it was a last resort. But my roommate that I shared a bathroom with had found out that she didn't make the softball team and was super bummed out about it. If I went down to St George to hang out with Mike, she was going to be all alone... so he suggested that we double date (I thought of it as more of a hanging out than a date... I'm a pretty loyal girlfriend, at least at that point). He said he had a friend and we could all do something together. It seriously took forever for me to talk my roommate into going. And even longer to pick out something for her to wear. So we drive down to St George and meet at Mike's house. Mike was outside waiting to make sure I didn't get lost but this "mystery friend" was still in the house... but there was a really nice truck outside that I knew didn't belong to Mike. So we walk in the house and there is a really cute guy sitting on the floor... now at this point, I had met most of Mike's family, and this guy didn't look like them, so this was the "mystery friend" After saying hi to Mike's parents, this guy got up and came over and introduced himself... the second thing I remember about him, after him being really cute was he had the deepest voice and the darkest weird tan! So we decided where we would go and all packed into Kyle's truck and off we went. I'm not a big fan of awkward dead silence, and although I thought he was really cute, I was still dating "boyfriend" so what did I care if I made myself look like an idiot by creating conversation. So there I sat, asking Kyle and my roommate questions to make sure they would actually speak... they are both pretty shy people!
We get to Dave's Famous BBQ and are seated and I keep up with the small talk... realizing more and more that I really like Kyle. I found out how many brothers and sisters he has (and that he is a twin... the third twin I have dated... I have a thing for half of a set I guess) and what he liked to do for fun and what he did for work. I made a total fool out of myself at the restuarant, but who cares, it gave all of us something to laugh about and who cares if we were laughing at me!
After dinner we decided to go see a movie. On the way to the theater Kyle let me play with his "newer than mine" ipod... and I noticed he had Dane Cook on there. I immediately thought we should listen to it and Kyle and I quoted most of it without even turning it on. Well my roommate had never heard it, so Mike and I left to go get tickets and to let Kyle and my roommate get a little alone time. So we all finally get into the movie and I was sitting on the far side, then Mike was next to me and my roommate was next to Mike and then Kyle was on the end... I was so irritated. I wanted to sit by Kyle!!! But he was not my "date" and I wasn't trying to steal his attention (ok that's a total lie... I was but it would have been rude to make it obvious!) All through the movie I would find little reasons to peak over in their direction to see if they were holding hands or if he had his arm around her or anything... and luckily for me... they never were! The movie ended and we decided it was getting late and we still had to drive back to Cedar, so the guys took us back to our car and we left. I texted Mike on the way home and asked him what Kyle thought... his answers were so lame I figured that's just how guys talked, so I cleverly decided I should get Kyle's number and I would talk to him myself about it (or so everyone thought that's what I would be doing). So that was the first night that we met... the story only gets better from here... the next day is a good story too! But Kyle promised me he would write up his side so we can see who exaggerates more :) So I'll finish after Kyle has...

To be continued...

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