Monday, December 14, 2009

Avance Family Pics

Wow, with all these posts, you would think we have a life! But these are the family pictures we did while in Panaca. Although I think the pictures are well taken, my face looks huge and I have a hard time even looking at it! Kyle looks good though!
I don't look too incredibly pregnant in any of these, although at the time I was almost 29 weeks.

Final note... we see the dr later today for our 30 week check up... only 10 more weeks. The next family pictures will hopefully have our little boy in them. And once Jay comes home in May, we can do new LaPratt family pictures with all the changes... Jay will be home, Ethan, Parker, and our little boy will all be there and Nate will not! Hooray!


  1. You guys got any names picked out?

  2. You look so cute! I really like the background for the pictures. Good luck with the last leg of your pregnancy -you're almost done!