Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Busy Bees

Kyle and I have been so busy and I am only finding time to do this because I am at work, it's 5 am and I'm totally slacking on doing my homework :) The semester is finally over! Thank goodness. This semester has been way stressful! Kyle passed his EMT class and is now certified! Way to go Kyle! I am so proud of him. He is a lot smarter than he gives himself credit for.
We are almost 29 weeks! What a long haul! I officially look pregnant and am just tired all the time. My body hurts and I complain a lot! I haven't taken a recent picture and probably won't until we see the dr on the 14th, but this is 26 1/2 weeks. I only took this picture because my sister was getting feisty about not having a recent picture of my chubby belly :)

My birthday was on the 23rd and it was way low key... Kyle worked all day and I did homework. He did spoil me in the morning, which was nice and then we did what we needed to do the rest of the day. He is taking me to see New Moon, but considering how much the first one sucked, no matter what anyone says, I'm just not excited about seeing this one.

For THanksgiving we went down to Vegas. I was so excited to not be cold for a few days and Vegas did not disappoint. It was absolutely beautiful! Kyle got to do a ride along on Friday with the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue. He has been talking about it ever since. I am so proud of what he is doing. My mom finished the blanket Kyle picked out for our little boy. I don't sew, and since it was fleece (which stretches every which way) it wasn't a good learning opportunity. And then the scissors that my mom has are only right handed, so I was unable to finish off the edges as well... oh the joys of being left handed! ON Saturday we got up early and drove out to Panaca to spend the day with Kyle's family. It was seriously cold there! We took some family pictures (I don't have any yet) and I wasn't feeling very good so I took a nap while Kyle did whatever it was he did. Then we drove home to Cedar. I had missed my own bed long enough! On Sunday, Jimmy and Briget blessed their little boy Parker, it was a good day.
I have been somewhat down lately, for no reason in particular. While we were in Vegas, my dad let us borrow one of his extra Christmas trees and Kyle and I put it up. It was a fun experience for me. I LOVE having it up. Makes me feel like I'm at home.
Kyle putting on the finishing touches
I love our nontraditional tree... although I'm sure Kyle is sick of hearing me yell "Christmas tree!"
It snowed a few weeks ago and since I am hoping this is our last winter here in Cedar, we drove up the canyon to get some pictures of just me and kyle in the snow. This is the only one I like, but I love it. I am so excited about spending my first Christmas with my husband!


  1. So cute!! It's fun to read about your little growing family!

  2. I hear ya on the whole left-handed scissor thing! It's very annoying! I use that excuse though as to why I don't sew!
    It was good seeing you guys even though it wasn't for very long. We miss hanging out! And my kids,of course miss Daisy!

  3. I don't care what you say, you are really cute pregnant:)
    I am glad you guys were able to come to Panaca and we were able to spend the weekend together. I love seeing you guys!