Friday, December 18, 2009

Scary Test

Kyle and I went to see the doctor on Monday for our last "monthly" visit. We will now be seeing him every 2 weeks. Anyways, while we were there, I remembered something I thought was just due to being pregnant, but I wanted to double check. I mentioned to the dr that I was bruising a lot, and I'm not a peach, I don't bruise easily. The doctor didn't come across as being overly concerned but wrote out a lab sheet and told me to go over to the hospital right away and have some blood work done. Kyle didn't seem nervous at all, but I was. Cancer, diabetes and crohn's disease all run in my family. Even where that chick poked me bruised up, worse than ever before... and these aren't those little whimpy green bruises, they are full on black bruises. When we got home I called my mom to talk to her. It really concerned my parents because the truth is, the dr was most likely trying to rule out cancer, but was not going to come right out and say it. The less a patient is informed before anything is certain, the better. So I had been worried for a few days. I asked Kyle what of my stuff he wanted, you know, incase I didn't make it. And his response "I get all of your stuff"... good response. (He tends to think I am slightly over dramatic... nah!)
We got a call a few days ago from the dr that my results came back normal but I needed to keep a close eye on the bruises. I needed to pay more attention to when they come up and if they get more severe , stay longer, or I get an increased number... because we will go back and retest. It was a scary few days for me, but I'm happy everything turned out ok :) I will not be dying anytime soon.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that everything turned out ok too. I hate when those mean vampire people steal your blood. They always leave me with a giant bruise too! (I think I'm allergic to the tape stuff because I get a bruise all the way around.)