Monday, January 25, 2010

Dayzee Mae

This past weekend was so hard on me! I was in class on Thursday and Kyle sent me a text and told me to call him when I got out. I figured he was just planning on making lunch and wanted to know what I wanted to it could be partially ready when I got home. So I called him and he broke the news to me. See, we're not supposed to have pets at our apartment, and we knew that, but Kyle works a lot of graves and is not home a lot so we decided we would just keep Dayzee and hope for the best. She is such a friendly dog. She hardly ever barks (and will stop immediately if you tell her to) and she is extremely friendly. Everyone loves her! Well the landlord called him and told him that we needed to get rid of her immediately or pay $50 a DAY to keep her. Needless to say, we do not have that much money and we had no other option. I was going to spend the day in the library working on homework, but ran home so we could discuss our options and figure out what we were going to do. The only option we had was to get rid of her. We couldn't hide her anymore (and I know which one of our hillbilly trashy neighbors told on us, and that war has yet to begin!!) So we packed up all of her things, in case the landlords decided to stop by) and we took her to a friend's shed. We didn't know what else to do, but we had to get her out of the apartment immediately if we didn't want to be charged. I put her bed in the shed and took over an extra blanket and made it so she could curl up in the blanket if she got cold. I kissed her good bye and Kyle took me back to the school. Luckily, Kyle's manager is way chill and in some of my classes and told me to have Kyle take Dayzee up to his work where she could stay the rest of the day. I spent the whole day crying because Kyle and I both knew we had no other option than to get rid of her. Kyle's brother had sent me a text the day before and told me that he was looking for a dog so I should keep my eyes open for a good one. And Kurt loves Dayzee, so Kyle and I discussed our options and I would much rather have family take her because I know she would be treated well and I know we could one day have her back. So we called Kurt and he said he would take her until May when we move and find a place that we can keep her. So Friday morning, we packed up our stuff and drove her down to Las Vegas. Luckily, Kirt was out of town that day so I got to spend one more night with her (she likes to sleep on the bed, in the covers... it is so cute). We dropped her off at Kurt's house on Saturday and I got to tell her goodbye. I explained to her where she was going and why and that it wasn't permanent. We gave Kurt her bunny, her tennis ball and her bone... along with her bed and her favorite food. Kurt had to hold on to her pretty tight when we walked out the door, she was struggling to come with us. He said she sat and stared at the door for an hour, waiting for Kyle to come back. I cried the whole way back to Cedar. It was hard leaving my little girl. I know Kurt will take good care of her, but either way it was still hard. It was hard coming home from work yesterday and not having her greet me at the door and it was hard taking a nap and knowing she wouldn't be waking me up in the middle because she wants up on the bed. It is an adjustment period for me and I do not like it. So here are some pictures of my little girl. I sure do miss her!!!!

Dayzee and her bunny
Our little family
Her first time playing in the snow
Dayzee and her dad... she loved Kyle so much, it made me jealous sometimes, but it was the sweetest relationship
I love this little girl
Who wouldn't love that face???

So for now, it is "see you later Dayzee Mae"... we love you! Have fun with Uncle Kurt and we will be back for you soon!

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