Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rub a dub dub and meeting some family

My mom has been so amazing since we have had Jaxton. It is really hard to get anything done because he always wants to be held... so my parents came up for the weekend to help me out... I can not imagine not having my mom... she is such a blessing in my life! The day before they arrived, Jaxton's cord finally fell off, so my mom helped me give him a bath... well actually she bathed him while I took pictures

I think this picture is hilarious! and his face is adorable too!

he loves taking baths and now that I know what to do, I am not so scared to give him baths and I love doing it too... it is a fun bonding time for me and him

While we were in Vegas after returning from Mexico, Jaxton got to meet his great grandma LaPratt and his aunt Leslie and cousin Ethan. Les has been wanting to come up to meet him since he was born but she has to give her ex-husband a 14 day notice before taking Ethan out of the state and she works a lot being a single mom... so we brought Jaxton to her. Ethan loved Jax... he always wanted to hold him and would smack your hand if he could see you trying to help him or trying to take Jaxton away... talk about possessive... but it was really cute!

meeting aunt Leslie
Ethan and Jaxton

I think Ethan's face is adorable in this and it is so cute that Jaxton is staring at him!
Great grandma LaPratt... she agrees that Jaxton is definitely a LaPratt with all of that hair!!!

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