Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elder LaPratt no more...

My little brother came home from his mission on Monday, May 17, 2010. What an exciting and special experience for my family. Jay was in a brutal motorcycle accident about 3 years ago, leaving him in a position to barely be able to use his his arms and having struggle with the skill of walking, which I think we all take for granted and we all wondered if it would cause him to not go, but ultimately it made him stronger and more determined to go. He would write me so many letters about knowing that the Lord prepared him to come on a mission when he was ready and when the time was right so that he could effectively preach the gospel to the people of Spokane, WA. He was almost 2 years older than most of the other "new" missionaries, but Jay has a determined spirit and he will not be held down. I remember talking to him once and he said he was grateful for his mission because of the blessings it has brought into the lives of him family. But now he is home, and he is still in that awkward, new missionary stage... but time will change that. He already loves Kyle and Jaxton, and that means the world to me. I am so proud of Jay and the choices he has made in life. He has been my best friend since high school and has always stuck up for me, even when I am wrong, he had my back. When I got to hug him in the airport, it took us awhile to let go... he kissed the top of my head and said "I love you sis"... and then Kyle reached out for a handshake and Jay wasn't having that... Brother's don't shake hands, brother's gotta hug, right? So the LaPratt clan is all back together and I am excited to see where our lives take us!

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  1. K my brother Joe and Jay are the same age, and Joe is on his mission right now and coming home in October. My brother went out late too becaue he got baptized when he was 18 so as a convert he wasn't positive about serving a mission. But i so miss him! When he left I was pregnant and still married to my ex (but Joe knew our marriage was on the rocks) and now I not only have a new baby for him to meet, but I got divorced and remarried while he was gone. Crazy! But I'm also proud that my wonderful brother went on a mission. Great post!