Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

This was my first mother's day and Kyle is always trying to do things to make everything so special for me. Kyle's class that he is taking is every Saturday, usually all day. The day before Mother's Day, his class was from 8 am until 8 pm... so imagine my surprise when Kyle showed up at 2 pm finished for the day!!! We didn't have anything planned really, so I asked Kyle if he wanted to go down to Vegas. His eye has really been botering him so he said no, and that he wanted to spend my first Mother's Day with just us. So instead, Kyle made reservations down in Mesquite so we could spend the day laying around by the pool or in our underwear and not have to clean up after ourselves. It was the best. The first picture is Jaxton's first time in a hotel room!
My two favorite men of all time.

I woke up on Mother's Day and this was next to my pillow... when I asked Kyle what is was, he responded "Oh, the Mother's Day Fairy must have come by"

Opening the gift from Kyle and Jaxton (the Mother's Day Fairy)

It's a necklace that has Jaxton's birthstone. It was SO thoughtful! I LOVE IT!!! Sorry that I do look like that in the morning!

We went out to breakfast and when we were little we would always take the jelly packets, so I took some in honor of my grandma.

This was Jaxton's first time swimming... actually the water was too cold to put all of him in... so just his feet.

I LOVE this picture... We got this look a few times throughout the swimming experience.

Daddy can always cheer him up!

It was so much fun!
I also got to talk to my little brother who will be coming home a week from today! I am so excited! I can not wait! I got an email from him today and he said he is so excited to come home. He is so excited to meet Kyle and Jaxton. I am so blessed to have such an amazing brother who was willing to serve the Lord and for the blessings his mission has brought our lives in the past 2 years!! Now I know why they let missionaries call on mother's day, and Jay is my brother!


  1. I love the two close ups of Jaxton! He is so cute. And if those pictures are of you first thing in the morning, what business do your eyebrows have looking that good?

  2. That top picture is the cutest! The full faced smies are the best!

  3. I agree, that first picture of Jaxton smiling is so cute! That was a nice gift for Mother's Day -smart man :)