Saturday, April 11, 2009

2 weeks...

Happy 2 week anniversary kyle!  We have been married for 2 weeks and it has been so fun!  It is fun having my best friend everywhere that I go... and it's fun introducing him as my husband!  I love it...  and I love not having to wait for Kyle to get there... he is already there with me!  

Other than that... our past few months have been so stressful so I'm glad that all of that is finally over.  I can get back to school (which is not doing too well this semester, which makes me really upset) and I can work my butt off for the last few weeks... then it's summer break.  Kyle and I have been thinking of some fun things to do this summer...but we haven't come up with anything for sure.  We definitely want to go camping (I know, Shannon doesn't camp, but I will) and maybe do some short weekend trips!  I'm glad we can finally relax and settle down!


  1. Here's our blog address:
    Everyone else in the family's link are on the side. Let me know if you need help with things. Jill might be better at the decorating though. I can change colors and add a cute header...that's about it!

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