Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best Surprise

As lots of people know, my little brother, Jay, is serving a mission in Spokane, WA.  Me and jay have always been super close... he was my best friend all through high school and I lobe him more than anything.  He was super excited to hear I was getting married... especially that I was getting married in the temple.  He emailed me and kyle and told us that he has been telling everyone that his sister just got married in the Las Vegas Temple.  Apparently his mission president was very excited :)  He emailed me a fe weeks before the wedding and told me to not send him a wedding announcement.  That he was so excited and happy for me but he didn't think he would be able to handle it... it would be too much, which completely broke my heart.  I talked to kyle about waiting until Jay got home (May of 2010) to get married.. but Kyle thought that idea was probably not the best one I have ever come up with.  So we went ahead with the original plan.  Every week Jay would email me and ask how the wedding was coming along and remind me how excited he was for us.  Jay knows kyle's twin brother kurt through church and so he was excited that I was marrying kurt's twin.  Well anyways, a few days after the wedding, Jay told me to figure out what we had wanted as a gift but didn't get and let him know... he wanted to send us something.  The only think we really really wanted was a deep fryer... so I told Jay and he said "Shan, don't go get a deep fryer, I got it covered".  I have been waiting for a package for something  I ordered that I really need, and I checked the front door this morning and there was a huge box out there addressed to me... I was so excited.  I had no idea who it was from or what it was, but who doesn't like getting packages.  Me and kyle ripped it open and there was our deep fryer... It is a really really nice one.  It reminded me of how much I miss my little brother and how incredibly proud I am of him.  I sad and cried for a few minutes (cuz that's what I do)  Kyle seriously has two of the best brother in laws in my brothers.  They are amazing men and stinkin' hilarious!  We got some dang good gifts from all of my sibling!  LaPratt's rock apparently!!!!  It was a great surprise, especially considering how stressful our day was yesterday!  I love you Jay!  Kyle loves you too... he doesn't even know you yet... but he does!  13 more months!!


  1. See, it's fun isn't it? Then at the end of the year, you can have your blog printed into a book and have all your memories saved forever!
    Sweet post about your brother. (You and I have a lot in common!) I got married while Jimmy was still on his mission and it was really hard on me too. We were really close too. It all works and it won't even matter years from now.
    Oh and I know the Avance side kind of slacked on the gift giving thing. That was mostly my fault, sorry! I was supposed let you know that we are planning on getting you guys a group gift but wanted to wait until you got your own place. My brother-in-law sells furniture at wholesale. We wanted to get you guys a dining room set or something like that. That means you will have to come up here to look at the catalog though! :)

  2. I still don't know how to use this... it just doesn't make sense to me...