Friday, April 17, 2009

What a Sh*tty week!!!!

What a crazy week!!! and I need an outlet, so here I go... Monday sstarted off with kyle having to work... we didn't have school and him working in the morning meant I got to sleep in, with NO distractions. He called me a little after noon and told me that the mentally handicapped girl that he watches attacked him... he is stronger than her, but she did grab around his neck, dig her disgusting claws into his neck and pull. When get got home, I recleaned everything for him and he just wanted to relax. We finally decided to have his work pay for him to go have it looked it, just incase she didn't wash her hands and it was infected or something like that... so by the time we decided to do that, the place was closed. Kyle had a hard time sleeping that night... restraining her took most of his energy and his nexk was sore from where she grabbed and pulled. So we went to the Dr's the next day and they said he was not infected but to watch it, incase something came up. No biggie, I'm glad we checked.

The weather changed on us once again. It was so nice out earlier this week and then, towards the end... SNOW! I flippin' hate snow! I am sick... once again! My whole body hurts and all I want to do is sleep! It is awful! My throat is swollen and I was starting to warm up. I have been taking Advil and Tylenol to try to keep any fever away... everytime the weather starts to get good then randomly and quickly turns bad... I get sick!

And then yesterday happened. What a sh*tty day!! I was super excited because Grandpa Avance was helping me with an assignment I had in my Criminology class and I was finally going to have some time to work on it. Kyle was working at 3... and I had all day to make my assignment as perfect as I wanted (well, as it needed to be so I don't spaz)... and then I get the phone call right before 5... that little b*tch bit my husband! She went psycho and Kyle had to restrain her 4 times! That is ridiculous! She for some reason hates him (and he was so good to her) and takes out all of her anger and frustration on him! It makes me so angry! So I met him at an Urgent Care here and he had to get a new Tetnus (I have no idea how to spell that) shot... just incase. They drew blood and will bring him back next week if more work needs to be done. His arm was bothering him where he got the shot and we were at the Urgent Care for about 2 hours! I am begging Kyle to look for a new job... this is ridiculous and it makes me nervous everytime he goes to work! Homework had to be put on the backburner! We had a hard time getting to sleep... Kyle's arm was bothering him and I had so much to do! But everything turned out ok...

I made a really big decision. I'm not ready to tell the world, but Kyle knows and I told Sheena (my sister). I am praying that its the right decision for us, but I'm sure it is. Kyle is happy with it and that is really all that matters to me. We'll see how it goes. So for right now... that's been the week!

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