Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is new...

Ok, so i'm not sure how into this I really am, but Mel said it is what married women do... and well, now I'm a married woman... so here I am.  It has been a crazy year and it's only April!!!  Kyle and I were married on March 28, 2009 in Las Vegas... and it has been so much fun!  We live in Cedar City and are both attending SUU... I have one more year of school and then we are out of here!!! Woop!!!  I can't even wait!!  Once i finish here, I'll be applying to law schools and am hoping to stay on the west coast... but who knows and me and kyle need an adventure!!!  Let's see... what else... oh... me and kyle have 2 adorable dogs... kirbie and dayzee.  Kirbie still lives in Las Vegas with my parents until Dayzee is old enough that Kirbie won't eat her... but she will be with us soon.  Kyle is so amazing for putting up with me... with all of my animal obsessions, school anxiety and loopy behavior.  Well I think that's it for now... I'll post again when I have more time and more to say :)

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